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Are you looking for practical information on how to run your venture's operation? Check our collection of articles which provide useful tips on  issues surrounding early stage start-ups.

Is someone walking away with your financial data? by Anthony Nassar

The Cash Plug - A Dicey Shortcut by Anthony Nassar

New Hire Checklist by Josiane Kristensen and Anthony Nassar

Bay Area Real Estate Update by Garrett Krueger

Framing Your Brand by Reid M. Neubert

Review of Alight Planning - a Remarkable Planning Software by Anthony Nassar

Adding a Business Perspective to Your Value Proposition by Darrin Fleming.

The Leading Provider Syndrome by Reid M. Neubert.

Perils and Pitfalls in Business Plan Preparation by Susanne Lee Houfek.

Review of ListGarden: a Nice Tool to Create and Maintain RSS Feeds.

Using Competition as a Stimulus to Product Development by John Levy.

Four Basics in a Financial Plan by Rand Heer.

Top Ten List on Pitcing VCs: by Barbara Angius Saxby.

One Simple Technique for Greater Accounting Accuracy: An example of a variance analysis performed on an income statement, by Anthony Nassar.

Formatting Your Income Statement for External Reporting: An illustration of how to allocate the income statement for external reporting,by Anthony Nassar.

What VC Board Members Want to Know:
Reporting to the Board of Directors - A VC Perspective.

A Collection of Resources For Your Venture: This article is a selection of free resources available on the Net at no charge, by Anthony Nassar.

Have You Got Free Cash Flow? An illustration of how to compute the various components of the statement of cash flows, and free cash flow, by Anthony Nassar.

The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki: Review by Anthony Nassar

The Mechanics of Preferred Stock Financing: An illustration of pre-money, post-money, and capitalization table figures for a Series A Preferred financing example, by Anthony Nassar.

Time is Money: 11 reasons to keep track of your staff's time, by Anthony Nassar.

Cash vs. a Cruel: A discussion of two methods of accounting, and reasons for adopting the accrual method, by Anthony Nassar.

15 Point Checklist for a Credible Revenue Model: 15-point checklist to help you strengthen the quality of your revenue projections and reduce the number of annoying and often costly iterations, by Anthony Nassar.

3 Indicators to Help You Wisely Invest Your Scarce Capital: A real illustration of how to analyze the financial feasibility of a capital investment, by Anthony Nassar.

Watch Out For Those Franchise Taxes: How to avoid costly pitfalls by structuring your capital properly and selecting one of two allowed computational methods, by Anthony Nassar.

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