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""Like most entrepreneurs, I know that sound financials and business documentation are a cornerstone of success. But day-to-day imperatives make it all too easy to set the accounts, forecasts and paperwork aside for another day - especially when faced with connecting the dots between Bookkeeper, CPA, business consultant and lawyers. So it has been a real pleasure working with Anthony Nassar of Venture Momentum, one of those rare consultants who combines a keen eye for detail and a firm grasp of the big picture. In just eight weeks he has helped get our books in great shape, built a comprehensive forecasting model, and caught us up on important business paperwork. With Anthony's continued involvement I can focus on growing the business, confident these business fundamentals will be properly managed. Thanks Anthony!"
David Fox
CEO, The Astrologer, Inc.
"We highly recommend Anthony Nassar. After attending a seminar on the VMI Financial Roadmap, we immediately recognized the real value of his expertise and financial planning solution. We enjoyed working with Anthony to customize the VMI Financial Roadmap to match our business model. Throughout this process Anthony provided guidance, coaching, support and constructive criticism - all of which resulted in producing our 5 year financial model and the means and knowledge for us to take it forward saving us several months of work. We would strongly encourage any start-up company to engage with Anthony to maximize the chance of getting their business off on a great start!�."
Bill Schwegler
President, FyrePlug Inc.
Ann Cowan
VP Technology and Product Development, FyrePlug Inc..

"I met Anthony Nassar following his presentation on "Financial Modeling for Startups" at the University of California Haas School of Business.  I've worked with startups as an attorney for Reed Smith in the firm's Venture Capital and Technology Practice Group, as an advisory board member, and venture capitalist for almost a decade.  Anthony's work product is unequalled.  It was after I saw his presentation that I decided that I had to work with him in my own venture and that any startup I was associated with should consult him for their financial modeling work.

My opinion of Anthony's work is shared.  Following a presentation of my financial model to a partner at a major VC firm in San Francisco, the partner observed that it was the most well produced financial model he had ever seen.

Anthony is knowledgeable and thoughtful; a pleasure to work with.  His foresight is exemplary.  He also has the disposition and patience to work with the ever-changing variables involved in early stage technology ventures.  I highly recommend him."

Jay Ward
CEO, 1st Friday.com, Inc.
 "I worked with Anthony to build a financial model for Telonu and in the process, he actually helped make the business plan even stronger! Right from our first meeting at Peets in Berkeley, I was impressed with Anthonyâ��s deep knowledge of the start-up process and his insights on what many entrepreneurs do well and donâ��t do well while building business and financial models.

Anthony�s firm, Venture Momentum, has a great financial package called the VMI Financial Roadmap, where he has already thought through and linked hundreds of financial variables on revenues and expenses to generate income, cash flow and balance sheet items. For Telonu, which includes both B2C and B2B Revenue streams, we customized the software. I am very impressed as to how robust and yet how flexible the model is. Anthony�s priceless guidance was to build a model which we will use to run the business rather than just for funding. The model has also become a great forecasting, management and tracking tool for us.

Anthony gets really passionate about each project and will keep you honest with your numbers. Not to mention that he knows all the right benchmarks which investors look for based on his numerous start-up consulting projects. I would strongly recommend Anthony to start-ups and existing businesses alike."

Bari Abdul
CEO, Telonu, Inc..
"The VMI Financial Roadmap platform developed by Anthony demands that you build a bottom-up revenue model. It politely forces you to do your due diligence, which places you in the best position possible to both fund and build a successful company. I especially like the feature that when we shift one data point, all others shift in concert. This saves time, and more importantly it combats entry errors that could prove costly. Our financial model is believable, and by getting it right from the start, I am now able to make quick adjustments for our management team and funding partners."
Rick Sutton
CEO, Plus 3 Network, Inc..
"Anthony Nassar provides both strategic and detailed views of an effective financial plan, and describes multiple ways of approaching the financial planning process, depending on the needs of the company. In addition, he provides a set of considerations when planning to expose a financial plan to prospective investors... I have already used Anthony's model to develop a comprehensive financial plan."
Tom Kent
CEO, Sciformatix Corporation
"I was in the process of raising an angel round of funding and needed someone who could take a hands on approach to preparing our financial statements and projections.  Anthony Nassar of Venture Momentum dived in immediately. He didn't hesitate to work late into the night and on weekends to meet a deadline of providing financial information to prospective investors.  I am extremely impressed by his professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting deadlines.

I don't think I could have closed our angel round without Anthony and he has continued to be an invaluable resource to Telling Stories."

Seth Socolow
CEO, Telling Stories, Inc.
"(Venture Momentum) provided us with critical advice during our start-up phase. From setting up our recordkeeping systems, to developing our financial plan, and structuring our stock option plan, (Venture Momentum) offered InfoCentricity the benefits of having a CFO before we were big enough to afford one full-time. The guidance we received from (Venture Momentum) gave us a significant advantage in closing our recent angel round during very challenging economic times."
Christopher R. Frothinger
President & CEO, InfoCentricity, Inc.
"I met Anthony of (Venture Momentum) in the spring of 1999. Our company, Ergopen Inc. had achieved some modest success but faltered in its organization and financial vision. He offered (Venture Momentum's) services to help us with a business plan to remedy ill-fated efforts by others. His thorough research and his dedication led to what one of our future investors, a VC in the booming technology field, deemed one of the best business plans he had come across.
Anthony agreed to help us raise funds and reestablish the business in ways only meticulous professionals like him could. Thanks to his efforts, our first investor materialized shortly after the Business Plan was completed. This newfound confidence in our company and products quickly led to more investors and a rejuvenated direction. His wisdom and guidance as well as his insatiable appetite for perfection prepared us for the kind of growth only much larger companies were privileged to experience.
From managing our financial organization to closing our round of financing, his efforts would earn us high praises from our investors, our lawyers, and potential partners. As talks with BIC were initiated for an acquisition, Anthony’s efforts came to fruition drawing praise from all, and in no small part were responsible for a smooth and quick and effortless transition.
I owe him immense gratitude for taking our small and modest business, and turning it into one that attracted the attention of several multinational companies, eventually leading to our successful transaction with BIC."
Charles Debbas
Principal, Debbas Architecture and former President of Ergopen Inc.
"(Venture Momentum) has been a very valuable financial advisor to my hospital since late l994. Trained as a veterinarian and not a businessperson, owning a practice and running it efficiently was a daunting prospect. I realized early on that I needed help and turned to (Venture Momentum).
(Venture Momentum) gave me a consolidated view of the hospital's financial results by integrating data from the accounting and hospital management information systems and provided me with comprehensive financial analyses of my various business units, a detailed operational budget, and an ongoing evaluation of financing options and business opportunities.
Thanks to (Venture Momentum), I now have the tools to thoroughly understand and manage my financial performance, improve profitability and enjoy professional and financial growth. A business like mine, which is greatly influenced by the economic climate of the moment, could not ask for more!"
Carol E. Caracand
VMD, Devon Veterinary Hospital
"I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Anthony Nassar of (Venture Momentum) for several months during the acquisition of the company that Anthony was employed by. Without Anthony's keen knowledge and his exceptional ability to remember details, the transition of moving his company's employees to my company would have been very difficult. We worked closely together on a project involving the acquired company's 401(k) plan and it was Anthony's involvement that drove this project to a successful completion.
One thing that sticks in my mind and impressed me about Anthony is the thoroughness in which he undertakes tasks. I believe that if Anthony is handling something, it will be done right. He is very dependable. Anthony brings with him a sense of respect for his fellow employees. He is easy to work with, kind, and very congenial. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would be more than happy if the opportunity comes up again."
Ruth Hewson,
Human Resources Manager, ISSI
"Anthony Nassar served as Treasurer of SofTECH for two years. However, in carrying out his responsibilities he was much more like a Chief Financial Officer. He took a proactive approach in guiding our Board of Directors focusing on critical cash flow factors identified from his monthly analysis of our accounts and overall position. The presentation format of his monthly reports helped non-financial people understand what was going on with our corporation.
From my experience on the boards of several other non-profit corporations, I can attest that Anthony was by far the most effective and professional Treasurer I've ever worked with. In addition, he has very high standards of business and personal conduct. Based on his performance I recommend Anthony to any organization - non-profit or profit - needing the services of a skilled financial professional."
Bill Boerum,
former Chairman of SofTECH
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