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Whether you are at the concept stage, or preparing for a round of financing, we deliver the financial expertise to help you build a solid financial organization, develop first-rate business practices, quantify your business model, and deploy financial management reporting and tools to grow your business.
Venture Momentum, Inc. is a financial management firm specialized in providing financial management, financial planning and ASK VMI, our fixed price services to startups and small businesses. We have helped a number of young businesses at various development stages shape their financial departments, develop their financial plans, prepare for due diligence by investors, secure funding, and combine with larger multinational entities. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality services for our clients, and in being a trusted expert resource for them every step of the way to success (please see testimonials from selected clients).

Building a sound financial infrastructure will enhance your ability to obtain funding from private investors or banks. Doing it early on will not only provide you with powerful tools to make better business decisions from the start, it will also save you the expense of overhauling or repairing a deficient system down the road. Please Contact us to discuss how we can help you propel your business to the next level.   
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